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19th Open House held in Nagasaki

Scenes from the Open House 2015 held in Nagasaki

The 19th Open House event at the Nagasaki Laboratory was held on the two days of August 8 (Sat.) and 9 (Sun.). Under clear skies, 678 people visited the laboratory over the course of the two days.

In the exhibit room, the feature exhibit “History of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation over the course of 70 years since the atomic bombings” was set up, delving into the history of the transition to RERF from the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC), RERF’s predecessor organization, and the appearance of the organization at around that turning point. In addition to information on RERF’s research and results, a special exhibit titled “Considering the health effects of low-dose radiation exposure based on atomic bomb radiation studies” was also held.

On August 9, the second day, Dr. Kazunori Kodama, Chief Scientist, in his lecture titled “Health Effects of A-bomb Radiation—Considering what we do and don’t know at this juncture 70 years later,” described RERF’s research on the A-bomb survivors and what has been found to this point in time, issues that have not yet been clarified, and the outlook for the future.

'Hands-on' areas—including experiments with liquid nitrogen, observations using electron and other microscopes, and commemorative photographs taken while wearing white lab coats—were a big hit with children. The adult visitors seemed to be most interested in arteriosclerosis testing, bone mineral density measurements, body fat monitoring, urinalysis, and other health tests. A lasting impression of the event was the sight of both children and adults enjoying interaction with RERF staff.

The Open House at the Nagasaki Laboratory this year, the 19th such event, featured many repeat visitors and provided a good opportunity for the public to learn more about RERF at this juncture 70 years after the atomic bombings.