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20th Meeting of the Hiroshima Local Liaison Council−
Progress Status of Biosample Storage Reported

The 20th Hiroshima Local Liaison Council meeting held at Hiroshima RERF

The 20th meeting of the Hiroshima Local Liaison Council (HLLC), a body composed of local advisors and established for incorporation of local community input in RERF’s operations, was held at the Hiroshima RERF Auditorium on December 1, 2014. Of the 15 Council members, 13 including 2 proxies attended the meeting and expressed many valuable opinions.

The Council members were introduced by Mr. Eiji Akimoto, RERF Chief of Secretariat, following which RERF Chairman Toshiteru Okubo, in his opening remarks, explained the objectives of the establishment of the liaison council. After greetings by HLLC Chairman Dr. Toshimasa Asahara (President of Hiroshima University), the meeting’s proceedings began, with Dr. Okubo reporting on RERF's present status. Dr. Okubo’s explanation was followed by reports made by Vice Chairman and Executive Director Roy E. Shore on recent progress in research and the status of the Clinical Study of the F1 Offspring of A-bomb Survivors, by Chief Scientist Kazunori Kodama on the status of the RERF Biosample Center, by Dr. Okubo on progress made in the collaborative study with the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and by Executive Director Takanobu Teramoto on RERF's public relations activities. Each of these reports was followed by a question-and-answer session.

It also was reported that a contract had been entered into in September 2014 for the purchase of a robotic biorepository for biosample storage to replace the deep freezers used previously, and that operation of the new equipment was scheduled to begin by the end of September 2015.

In an exchange in one of the question-and-answer sessions, a Council member requested that RERF enhance the approaches it employs to widely disseminate the foundation’s research activities and results to the public.

After completion of the meeting's proceedings, Dr. Okubo expressed his appreciation to the participating Council members, thereby concluding the 20th HLLC meeting.

Materials [PDF: 151KB]