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43rd Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting Held at Hiroshima RERF

Participants of the 43rd Scientific Advisory Committee meeting held in Hiroshima

Over the three-day period March 2–4, 2016, the 43rd Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting was held at the Hiroshima Laboratory of RERF. The SAC, composed of 10 non-RERF scientific experts from both Japan and the U.S., meets once a year to review status of progress on research being conducted at RERF as well as new plans for research to be conducted in the future. RERF’s scientific activities are carried out based on the recommendations made by the SAC.

Because detailed reviews of all the research departments at RERF would require too much time, a system whereby only specific departments undergo review each year is employed. This year, it was the Clinical Studies Department’s turn to undergo focused review. For that reason, in addition to the 10 Scientific Advisors, two clinical research experts participated in the gathering as Special Scientific Advisors.

The meeting began with two reports: Dr. Ohtsura Niwa, RERF Chairman, touched on RERF’s operations, followed by Dr. Robert L. Ullrich, Vice Chairman, who spoke on RERF’s major research activities and changes to the research structure, among other topics. The focused evaluation of the Clinical Studies Department included detailed reports about research results from 2015 and about research currently being conducted. Next, there were presentations from the other research departments, as well as updated reports on RERF’s public relations activities, the Biosample Center, and the foundation’s future plans. After conclusion of the overall meeting, SAC members met with the other research departments in separate overview sessions to discuss each department’s work. On the final and third day of the meeting, the SAC presented a synopsis of its recommendations.