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6th Meeting of the Board of Councilors held at Hiroshima RERF

Participants of the 6th Meeting of the Board of Councilors, held at Hiroshima RERF, June 16–17

The 6th meeting of the Board of Councilors was held at Hiroshima RERF over the course of two days, June 16–17. Seven Councilors were in attendance at the meeting, with representatives from the U.S. and Japanese governments participating as observers. The Board of Councilors discussed RERF's activities report, settlement of accounts report, activities plan, budget estimates, recommendations made by the Scientific Advisory Committee and RERF's responses to the recommendations, as well as the appointment of Councilors, Auditors, and Scientific Advisors, among other issues. Concerning RERF’s strategic plans, reports were made about RERF to the present, RERF’s current situation and issues facing it, as well as RERF’s strategies going forward.