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Sixth Epidemiological Training Workshop for Biologists Held at Hiroshima RERF

Participants (left) and setting at the fifth Epidemiological Training Workshop for Biologists
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     The sixth Epidemiological Training Workshop for Biologists (sponsored by the Council of Radiation Effects Research Organizations*) was held August 24–25, 2015, in Hijiyama Hall at the Hiroshima RERF Laboratory, and 49 people (six from RERF) attended.
     On the first day of the workshop, RERF research results were introduced through lectures titled “Epidemiology for non-specialists” and “Recent results from the LSS [Life Span Study].” The topic of reading and analyzing epidemiological papers was explained in a lecture titled “Risks of childhood cancer risk from CT scans,” as was thyroid cancer in “Radiation exposure and thyroid cancer.” Next, an ICRP report and a simulation trial were touched on in the presentations “Summary of the ICRP tissue stem cell report” and “Simulation of dose-rate effect with stem-cell competition,” respectively.
     On the second day, the talks titled “Observing mouse experiments from the perspective of epidemiology” and “Can epidemiology markers be generated with data from animal experiments?” were made to mediate the fields of biology and epidemiology. Lastly, a discussion ensued about scientific papers relating to the dynamics and carcinogenesis of tissue stem cells.

*The Council of Radiation Effects Research Organizations, consisting of the Institute for Environmental Sciences, Kyoto University, Nagasaki University, Hirosaki University, Hiroshima University, Fukushima Medical University, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, and Radiation Effects Research Foundation (order of above institutes arranged according to the Japanese syllabary), was established to develop understanding among radiation research organizations and strengthen their alliance.